Burnova Gel Plus Aloe Vera 100% Natural


Burnova Gel Plus Aloe Vera 100% Natural
Aloe Vera, Centella Extract, Cucumber Extract

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A gently yet effective cleansing gel enriched with natural UV protectors Aloe vera and astringent Cucumber to remove dirt while sooth and relieve skin from harsh environment
As a good natural UV protector, Glycolic extract in Aloe vera prevents skin from burning, relieves to sunburned skin, promotes skin hydration and tightening. Vitamin C shields the skin from the sun and environmental pollutants, Perfect for all skin type.

Direction: Apply to moistened face, thoroughly rinse.

  1. aloe vera The properties of the aloe vera Helps in reducing inflammation. Burning sensation of the skin, sunburn. It also helps protect and maintain the moisture of the skin as well.
  2. Centella Asiatic helps reduce hyperpigmentation. Black spots, acne Contain glycosides (Glucosides) that help neutralize free radicals. Help restore collagen and elastin of the skin as well.
  3. cucumber, cucumber helps reduce inflammation of the skin. Reduce Wrinkles Spots It also helps moisturize the skin as well.

Composition : 99.9% active Aloe Vera extract,Centella Extract,Cucumber Extract & natural substances
alcohol-Free , menthol-Free , camphor-Free , colour-Free , Fragrance-Free !!!!!
Indications : For burns healing , moisturizing , soothing gel , nourishes the skin and acne
Dose : apply on burns tissue or skin every 30 minutes until the burning pain disappeared,after apply 2-3 times per days
warning : If you develop an allergic reaction, mainly a skin rash, stop using the gel.



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