Acne Spot Gel Rapid Clear By Provamed


Acne Spot Gel Rapid Clear 10g By Provamed
4% Poly-Pore Salicylic Acid

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Acne Gel Provamed Rapid Clear Acne Spot Gel – 10 grams, the latest innovation from Vistra Laboratories USA developed acne gel urgency for acne acne pus hormone reduces inflammation, pain and swelling at the skin.

Remarkable feature
Acne Gel Provamed Rapid Clear Acne Spot Gel – 10 g Salicylic Polymerizations System technology works by controlling delivery systems Salicylic acid substances to be released into the skin and continually active life full capacity.
– Acne Gel urgency for acne and acne, gonorrhea, especially hormones.
– Reduces inflammation Cause skin to dry and collapse rapidly. Salicylic Polymerization System that works with controlled delivery of active ingredients to work continuously and efficiently.
– Prevention of acne scars, acne and nourish and replenish the skin look better and reduces irritation by Mucopolysaccharides Defensil.

Key components
Tea Tree Oil Inhibits bacteria. It controls Reduce clogging and moisturize the skin.
Defensil reduces irritation Mucopolysaccharides. Help restore collagen Fill acne to look shallower and smoother. Tested whether benign Free of substances that cause irritation and contain no substances that cause breakouts (No Comedogenic, No Silicon, No Alcohol, No Frangrance).




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