Smoothe Babyface Gel

Smoothe Babyface Gel
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SMOOTH E WHITE BABYFACE Extra Sensitive & Whitening Cleansing Gel

Smooth E  White Babyface Gel is a Non-Ionic (NIS) gel cleanser designed to thoroughly remove impurities without causing irritation and disturbing natural skin moisture.

The gel is suitable for people with sensitive skin and skin that is prone to everyday impurities, daily pollution and surrounding environment.

Non-Ionic (NIS) formula leaves no chemical residues that may cause acne, fine lines and other related skin problems.

Dermatologically tested for safety. 100% oil & fragrance-free.

Optimum Moisturizing Complex (OMC): Especially formulated by Smooth E to restore skin moisture to the balanced level.

Hypo Allergenic Formula: Suitable for all skin types, even for the most delicate, sensitive skin. With regular use of Smooth E Babyface Gel, you can feel your skin cleaner, softer and smother without any drying effect and irritation.

Natural Vitamin E: A powerful anti-oxidant which moisturizes and improves your skin condition.

Alpha Arbutin inhibits skin discoloration

Direction: Apply small amount of Smooth E Babyface Gel to moist skin. Gently massage before rinsing thoroughly with water.

With regular use of Smooth E Babyface Gel, your skin will be effectively cleanser, softer and smoother without any drying effect and irritation.



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