Smoothe Scar Serum Face & Body


Smoothe Scar Serum Face & Body
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The innovative Scar Serum contains pure natural extracts and peptides. This special feature helps reducing scar caused by acne,dark spots caused by acne, Burns and wound.

– Reduces redness hyperpigmentation after acne.
– Helps reduce the appearance of scars caused by acne.
– Allows the size of the scars caused by acne, look down.
– Helps restore skin color more consistent.
– Helps fade dark scars. And make smooth cuts.
– Helps prevent scarring that looks embossed in red wounds healed new
– Prevention of scarring caused by acne scarring such as burns, scald
– Helps make smooth cuts. Scars fade.
– Use of skin problems such as scars, surgery scars Keith Lloyd. Help soften scars.
– Made from five kinds of natural herbal extracts.
– The active ingredient is a peptide technology.

Ingredients extracted from pure natural ingredients Purifying Botanical Ingredients and advanced technology.

– Allium Cepa Extract from fresh onions. Inhibits inflammatory and inhibit the growth of bacteria. Cause redness and dark circles fade. Reduce the size and redness. Due to a smaller scar.

– Cephalin compound of Wheat Cereal is Phosphoglyceride. One that reduces redness irritation to help heal scars are wider. Allows moisture to skin. Nun helps soften up the wound effectively.

– Hydrolyzed ceratonia silliqua seed extract , Oligo galactose. helps heal damaged skin gently. Blood reduces redness on the skin. Moisture balance of the skin.

– Centella Asiatica is a substance Asiaticoside glycoprotein website. Action to help heal. The scarred skin youthful.

– Aloe vera Extract, moisturizes the skin and help the scars fading.

– Methylsilanol Hydroxyproline. Alor is at technology and organic silicon. Origin of the skin. Help the scars fade and smooth. Research has found. Helps to align the cell surface to achieve balance. And cause the skin to make scars fade.

– Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 small peptide technology that is designed to complement the downstream depth. Helps skin look smooth, not jagged wound.

– Hyaluronic acid hydrate the skin’s suppleness. Added flexibility to treat wounds.

– Allantoin makes the skin smooth and soft. Dry skin and stimulate new skin cells.

– Vitamin E helps the skin soft, smooth and soften scar strength. Skin brightening.

– Niacinamide inhibits melanin

How to use:
Apply on acne scars, gently massage until absorbed into the skin serum, day 3-4 times for maximum continuous use on a regular basis.

Guidance :
– For new scars. Apply wound sealed up 7-10 days after injury using consecutive 4-6 weeks.
– For old scars and gently massage the convex hard to take about 2-3 minutes, 4-6 consecutive months.


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